Hogwash Vol. 1


    We are happy to announce the launch of a new and ongoing feature at DeceptionPast.com - Hogwash. We've got a lot of really exciting things happening and are going to start posting a weekly update with recent misadventures and upcoming excitement. Here is Vol. 1:

    Over the weekend we had a hell-of-a-time playing at Conor Byrne with Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats and Alki Jones. The night ended in a late night drunken jam here at Swamp Ass Studios with the Billy Goats - wish them a safe trip back to Boise.


Wrapping up mixing at London Bridge Studios
    We've been working hard since late 2015 on a new record which is coming along slowly but surely. Tracking started at Avast! in November and earlier this month we finished mixing tracks with Geoff Ott at London Bridge Studios.
We came out with 14 mixed songs and have paired it down to 11 for the final release. We spent some time hashing out artwork Sunday night and are really excited to share the project with everyone.

Dreams of a bright future ruined by country music...
    We're gearing to head to up to Bellingham this weekend for another round of our now-annual spring fling with Massy Ferguson. We love playing through The Green Frog and hope everyone in the north comes out for some rowdy fun. (Also dear lord please let them have the smokers running, that brisket is so good.)
    We are also in deep deliberation regarding live show visuals. We seem to have settled on a realistic semi-truck wrap for the kick drum, complete with working headlights and fog machine...I don't know if this will actually happen but A COUNTRY BAND CAN DREAM CAN'T THEY?!?

    Last but not least - today marks the birth of our goatee growing, overall wearing, pedal steel playing DPer Tyler James Pettersson. It really begs the questions - how could such a sweet young boy go so wrong?

Have a great week and sweet dreams of Hog Wild,